Val’s Boutique

Farragut shop grows from ‘pop-up’

Valerie Guess, owner of Val’s Boutique, is ready to welcome Farragut customers to her new showroom at 11110 Kingston Pike in Aspen Square shopping center, which is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday and Friday, or by appointment.
Valerie Guess of Farragut has opened a showroom, which fronts the warehouse for her business, Val’s Boutique, to give Farragut residents a place to stop in and shop.

The showroom and warehouse, 11110 Kingston Pike in Aspen Square shopping center, opened in March but “we just started opening for customers [Sept. 2],” Guess said.

The boutique carries on-trend women’s clothing and accessories.

“We have stuff for all ages,” she said. “My 3-year-old [daughter] wears my jewelry from here, and my 92-year-old grandmother wears stuff from here all the time.

“We have a very classic look, so we like for people to, say, take something and wear it five different ways and have something they can not spend a fortune on but still be able to wear it for a while,” Guess said. “It’s so basic and classic you can wear it over and over again.”

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Town’s Eagle Karate Systems school touts family-based training

Student C.J. Tallent, left, spars with Umphrey during a test at the Eagle Karate location, 11214 Outlet Drive, Saturday, Sept. 23.
Larry Hartsook, owner of Eagle Karate Systems, has opened a martial arts school in Farragut geared toward bringing families together.

“It’s a family environment,” Hartsook said. “Through the years, I’ve had couples that were divorcing and ended up not [divorcing]; I’ve had families that were falling apart because dad’s too busy or mom’s too busy. That was corrected.

“And I’ve had abusive situations,” he added.

Hartsook opened Eagle Karate Multiple Arts School, 11214 Outlet Drive, bringing with him more than 45 years of ongoing training in traditional martial arts from Japan, Korea and U.S. Army Special Forces Combatives.

He chose the Outlet Drive location because of its vicinity to Cotton Eyed Joe, with which people are familiar, Hartsook said.

The Farragut school is the seventh Eagle Karate Systems’ school he has established. His other locations include three in Atlanta and one each in Houston, Honolulu, Heidelberg, Germany and Madisonville.

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