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• [In a presstalk earlier this summer], My post was about our community helping Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network celebrate September as National Suicide Prevention Month. As a follow up, I contacted Mayor [Ralph] McGill and the Farragut Board [of Aldermen] asking for their support in promoting this event. They were very cooperative and on board with the whole thing. Mayor McGill signed the TSPN Mayor’s Proclamation declaring and honoring September as Suicide Awareness Month. Subsequently I sent the editor of this paper a copy of the mayor’s declaration and other pertinent information. … I asked him to please include some or all of the print articles during the month of September. He never replied to my e-mail, and to date I see nothing in this newspaper celebrating suicide prevention month. … I think this is a subject that should be high on the list of information to share with our Farragut residents. I’m very disappointed in the editor’s choice to exclude all this information I sent him. Suicide has touched our community recently and TSPN has been working hard to help educate and council those who have been touched by this crisis.

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